Statistics state that two out of three released prisoners will return to prison again within three years. We help Returning Citizens know what to expect upon their release and how their chances for success can be maximized.
The mission of Vital Signs Re-entry is to safely restore Returning Citizens (aka Ex-offenders) back into society with the purpose of providing the services they need to succeed in life.  Our goal is to reduce crime and prison recidivism by 50% in our community by a strategy of providing each Returning Citizen with a Life Coach to connect them with re-entry resources.  Our Life Coaches help to hold them accountable to living a safe and successful re-entry.​


We hold bible studies/small groups on a weekly basis along with individual spiritual life coaching sessions for each of our participants. Our participants are encouraged in the Christian faith, however, our doors are open to all those in need to our assistance without regard to the religious beliefs.  While we do share the love and truth of God's grace, we do not mandate that they must beleive as we do.



Our Employment and Entreprenurial Coaches assist our Particpants with job and business skill training that has already helped at least 95% of our past and current participants to obtain employment and or start their on business. 



We collaborate with Life Changers Bible and Business Institue to help several of our Participants obtain a theology or business certificate and therefore go on to start their own ministry or business. We also help others get their GED or other technical certificate.



We partner with Life Empowerment Enterprises to certify our partcipants to become Re-entry Life Coaches to assist other Returning Citizens in their journey to reintegrate into society. Many of them become mentors to juveniles and visit high schools, churches, and community centers to share their testimonies. 



We provide basic necessities such as temporary housing, food, and clothing to help our participants adjust to their new life without having to concern themselves with basic needs.  This photo (left) is of our Mission Hub home, located in a secluded 7 acre lot.


One of our goals is to begin our Re-entry Family Sports Assocation here. This association will host friendly cornhole game tournaments for participants and their families.