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Job Opportunities
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Any concerned and caring citizen can volunteer to attend a bible study or worship service in a Transitional Center or Re-entry Home. All volunteers are required to go through a necessary training class before they are allowed to enter the prison transitional center. Currently, we partner with It Takes a Villiage fatherhood program and The Source Church in providing weekly fatherhood classes, bible studies, and worship services on Monday, Friday, and Sunday evenings.

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RE-ENTRY/Life Coach
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We partner with Life Empowerment Enteprises, Inc (L.E.E., Inc) to certify our Re-entry Life Coaches and assist Vital Signs participants to set goals and successfully re-enter and reintegrate into society. We also provide coaches in the Financial, Relationship, Educational, Spiritual, Health, Legal, Investments, Fitness, and Employment and Entrepreneurial areas.

Provide Transportation
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Volunteers can also assist our participants with transportation to and from job interviews, training, stores, and parole officer locations using UPLIFT TRANSPORTATION SERVICES. We also receive asset donations such as cars and vans to help them with obtaining a driver's license  and to provide onsite transportation for any of the aforementioned. 

Vital Signs is a 501(c)(3) organization  

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